At times we all get stuck. Maybe you feel stuck in a dead-end job; your job was a victim of COVID; you live in an area that you do not enjoy; your personal relationship is floundering; the life that you want is moving further and further from reality; you can’t catch a break, or maybe you never got the right opportunity. Does any of this sound familiar? Be honest! We have all been there. Getting stuck is inevitable – staying stuck is a choice.

About the Author

Frank Zaccari served as a military medic in the US Air Force before spending over 20 years in the high-tech industry. His education includes UCLA Anderson School of Business and California State University at Sacramento. His experience includes senior positions with Fortune 50 organizations before turning around several small and mid-size companies. His path has helped him learn a great deal about business. Frank is a best-selling author who has written and published five books based on life-altering events.